Quality furniture that is built to last.

In a flooded furniture market that focuses on low-quality, budget furniture, we could do things differently, but quality and integrity are important parts of our furniture-making process.

Romina makes no compromise in the pursuit of absolute quality in baby furniture. We create furniture with passion, commitment, and transparency. You may not get to see how your vegetables are grown or how your clothing is designed, but you can see exactly how your furniture is made when you choose pieces from the Romina line.

The journey of each piece of our furniture starts with the selection of wood that is harvested with respect to Mother Nature. Then, our passionate team utilizes modern technologies to transform the wood from its raw form into beautiful furniture that will enhance your home for years to come.

Our investment in your family goes well beyond numbers and margins. Our job as passionate makers of safe, healthy baby furniture doesn’t end when each piece is designed and manufactured. We continuously challenge the high standards we set for making quality furniture. We feel pride every time a piece of furniture comes off our assembly line because we can provide you, your children, and your grandchildren with heirloom pieces of furniture that they’ll love for generations.


Diversity is what makes earth such an amazing planet.

All plants and trees are beautiful in their own way, just as our children are all unique and beautiful in their own way.


However, some trees are better for some applications, while others are better for making furniture.

We use European beech trees in the construction of our furniture. This tree species grows in a temperate continental climate and goes through seasonal changes. As a member of the hardwood family, beech trees take decades to grow to maturity. Once mature, these trees can tower as high as 80-feet tall with robust trunks and a broad canopy. Their slow growth rate allows for a harder, more dense wood when compared to softer woods, like pine and poplar.

Our harvesting process makes hardwood Romina furniture a better choice than synthetic materials as well. For every beech tree that is cut down, we make sure five more are planted in the same area. This positively impacts the oxygen supply on our planet, and it ensures future generations continue to have access to this beautiful, high-quality building material.


All Romina lumber undergoes an extensive, non-toxic drying process to ensure all excess moisture is eliminated.

Boards are placed on ventilated racks within a climate controlled room where hot air extracts every last drop of moisture. Once dry, steamed air is applied to open the pores of the wood to allow even more moisture to escape.


This drying process can take several months, depending on the density and thicknesses of the boards.

In order to preserve the mechanical and environmental resistance of the wood, the moisture content of each board never exceeds eight percent. Only once the optimal moisture content has been achieved does the wood move onto the next step in the manufacturing process.


With the optimum moisture content achieved, the boards are inspected and identified based on strength, uniformity, and consistency.


Any board that shows even the slightest structural weakness is set aside and used in applications that don’t require structural support.

After the initial selection process, boards are sorted yet again based on size, grain variations, and appearance to ensure only the most beautiful boards are displayed on the top and front of our furniture.

Once properly sorted, the wood goes through the calibration process where edges are straightened and surfaces evened. It is then processed with the help of high-performance equipment that cuts each board into its final size and shape.


Do your part to save the world by purchasing eco-friendly furniture.



Romina is made up of a team of highly trained specialists who are skilled at using the latest technology to ensure the perfection of every board in every piece of furniture.

From calculating tension points to drilling assembly holes, double checking curves, and accounting for environmental stress, our team is the best in the business when it comes to creating industry-leading, luxury furniture.


The process doesn’t stop there.

All components are re-evaluated by another team of wood artisans whose sole job is to look for design and structural consistency. Depending on their findings, some wooden components will go through yet another round of calibration and cut corrections.

We are passionate about sourcing the best boards and cutting them to perfection in the pursuit of creating furniture that honors nature’s bounty.


The next step in the process is assembly.

Our skilled artisans finally reveal our Romina designs by assembling crib sides, drawer fronts, and more.


This process involves very little modern technology.

Instead, we rely on love and care during this part of the process.

Furniture parts are assembled using non-toxic adhesives, metal screws, and nails. Every structural component includes two fastening features to ensure it will last a lifetime.


All Romina doors and drawers feature German-made hardware systems.

Glides and hinges are made of zinc-plated, anti-corrosive steel that is permanently lubricated and load reinforced.

These systems are equipped with a hydraulic soft-closing mechanism, full extension, anti-detachment, and adjustment features.

These details do a lot more than just sound fancy. They are included in our furniture pieces to provide you with maximum functionality, usability, safety, and longevity. Our hydraulic soft-closing mechanisms are guaranteed for 80,000 uses, which equates to just over 70 years’ worth of average use. Our hinges feature a 120-degree opening and 360-degree adjustment, while glides feature a one-piece steel track, that when installed, can hold up to 30kg, or 66lbs, of weight. You won’t find drawers that open and close more smoothly and quietly anywhere else.


The finishing process is laborious, but it’s worth every second.

It includes a 10-step process of staining, painting, and sanding to create the perfect finish on every piece of baby furniture.

Once the final finish is achieved, drawers are mounted, tops and backings are installed, and the final piece of furniture is sent to our packing department where it is made ready for the long journey to its final destination.

When you open the box and see your Romina furniture for the first time, you’ll know that many people have invested lots of work, passion, and dedication to ensure every piece of wood is shaped and finished just right. We hope that you and your family enjoy your Romina furniture just as much as we enjoyed making it.


Sometimes, the things you cannot see, are the most important…


Good life from day one.