Do your part to save the world by purchasing eco-friendly furniture.

Romina is known for creating beautiful pieces of heirloom furniture, but we’re also known for our eco-friendly manufacturing process.

We believe that offering future generations the best furniture is not enough. It’s only enough if we do everything in our power to preserve the environment throughout the entire process.

Sustainable wood harvesting is not just a slogan - it’s a way of life. It’s our passion to make sure that future generations are left with the beautiful, bountiful planet that our parents and grandparents enjoyed.

From sustainable harvesting to renewable energy production, we are actively involved in every aspect of environmental conservation. We require our wood suppliers to uphold eco-certifications, and we follow environmental requirements at our manufacturing plant near Bucharest, Romania. We even manufacture and use clean bio-fuel from renewable sources to power our operation!


Don’t Blow it! Good planets are hard to find…

Following European eco-friendly treaties, as well as upholding green certifications, is not something we have to do.


We do it because we think it’s important, and we believe it’s important for our suppliers to have the same green mindset.

All of our beech lumber is harvested sustainably from European forests in compliance with the European Treaty for Forest Re-Harvesting. This is important because leafy forests that contain beech trees produce most of the earth’s oxygen. Without replacing this vital resource, we could be putting ourselves and future generations at risk. The European Treaty for Forest Re-Harvesting ensures that every beech tree that is harvested to create Romina furniture is replaced by five new trees that can grow to maturity.

We require all of our suppliers to provide us with certification details, as well as their environmental compliance before we work with them to ensure the treaty is being upheld.


Our engineers use sophisticated software applications to determine the optimal size and specifications for all wood boards and components that are to be used in our current designs.

These measurements are then forwarded to our wood suppliers, who in turn harvest trees with this data in mind.


This information enables them to maximize the volume of wood extracted from a tree truck, thus minimizing waste in the harvesting process.

Unfortunately, some wood waste is inherent in the manufacturing process when designs feature different angles and shapes. We make sure even our wood waste isn’t wasted by converting it into bi-products used in the packaging stage, as well as converting into energy in our wood operated furnace generators. Eastern European winters can be long and cold when temperatures drop below zero, so all that wood waste isn’t wasted after all!


Each step of the manufacturing process focuses on reducing the use of materials, energy, and resources.

Producing furniture like the kind made by Romina boasts a long life, which further reduces waste and consumption.


Longevity and multi-functionality are the foundation on which our entire operation rests, knowing that it’s what’s best for your family, as well as the environment.

We make a concerted effort to reduce our environmental footprint through recycling and efficient use of resources. Common practices, like paper and cardboard recycling, are fully implemented, and energy saving procedures are in place throughout every stage of the production process.

Beech forests are the only leafy forests in the world which have experienced growth in the past 20 years, thanks to the reforestation treaties in effect, and thanks to manufacturers like Romina that understand that we are leaving this planet to future generations. That’s something we’re exceptionally proud of!


Sometimes, the things you cannot see, are the most important…



There are many shades of green when it comes to environmental initiatives, and there are many ways to preserve the natural balance of the ecosystem.

Individual initiatives need an equal amount of effort on behalf of manufacturers. This is an area where Romina is leading the way.


Our dedication to green practices is not limited to the number of bags or sheets of paper that we have recycled.

We strive to make a lasting and substantial impact through green energy production. Our sister company generates almost 80,000 tons of ethanol from corn and other organic renewable sources.

Ethanol is an organic fuel obtained through the process of distilling starch and other products. This process does not generate any toxic fumes or emissions. It’s the same stuff that the gas station advertises on the pump (Contains 10% ethanol).

To put our impact in perspective, the amount of ethanol we produce can fuel 3,000 cars for an entire year. That’s like providing fuel for all local transportation in Lake Tahoe, NV!


Did you know that the planet is made up of just 118 different elements?

Mother Nature surprises us with all the different combinations of these elements that create the beautiful world in which we live.


Unfortunately, some of these elements are better for our health than others, and determining the difference can be surprisingly difficult.

For example, lead is almost chemically identical to gold, but one has the potential to make you sick, while the other can add some sparkle to your outfit.

At Romina, we don’t distinguish between bad toxins and not-so-bad toxins. We never use VOCs, formaldehyde, or other toxic materials in our manufacturing process, even as other manufacturers may use them to save money. Even the youngest members of your family can breathe easy when you allow a piece of Romina furniture to enter your home.


Quality furniture that is built to last.


Good life from day one.