Wood is not just a building material
—it’s a living, breathing thing.

At Romina, furniture isn’t just furniture. It is made out of living, breathing trees, and its final construction can greatly affect your family’s life and health, for the better or the worse. That’s why we take our dedication to creating children’s furniture so seriously. Every piece of furniture has its own personality with the potential to create an intimate and inviting living space. Furniture that's made with heart will bring out the best in the wood and naturally create a loving space where your little angels can grow up happy, healthy, and safe. That’s exactly the kind of furniture we strive to make for your family.


It all began in 1991 in Romania. However, our passion for making furniture has spanned over several decades and includes the work of 3 generations. We have made countless pieces of furniture for families just like yours, and throughout the years, we uncovered a passion for baby and children’s furniture.

In 2006, as we continued to enjoy growth, and we obtained a high level of knowledge and experience in the field, we decided it was time to embark on a new venture, which resulted in the Romina brand that you see today.


Today, we're proud to share that our beautiful, safe, and healthy furniture pieces can be found in 85 retailers across the United States, Canada, and other parts of the world. The quality of our furniture sets us apart from fast-fashion furniture brands, but so does our manufacturing process.

The ability to control every aspect of our production facilities gives us a competitive advantage over other furniture companies that outsource their production to third parties. Every aspect of every crib, dresser, and nightstand is under our direct supervision and control, which means we know every item, ingredient, and feature that goes into our furniture. That enables us to eliminate harmful toxins that are commonly used by other furniture brands and choose only the best wood for construction.

Our business is the product of highly trained, skilled professionals and the latest technology. We marry passion with science and materials with purpose because creating furniture isn't just our business—it is our calling.


Furniture that's made with heart will bring out the best in the wood and naturally create a loving space.





Our philosophy is a surprising one. We follow the advice of a wise man who once said, "A business that makes nothing but money is a poor kind of business." Follow this advice has enabled us to create a different kind of furniture, and it enables us to offer a different kind of customer experience.

It starts with our extensive process for carefully selecting the finest wood and shaping it to perfection. Our multi-step process ensures every board is evaluated for structural integrity, style, shape, and form before it is added to any one of our furniture pieces.


Finishing touches matter. That's why we utilize soft-close drawer mechanisms, anchoring kits, and balanced construction to ensure our furniture is safe and sturdy, even when being explored by curious little hands.

Your satisfaction goes well beyond your initial excitement at receiving your new piece of Romina furniture. We actually back our furniture with multiple warranties that cover every aspect of our furniture. From 3-year warranties on cribs to drawer glides and hinges that are guaranteed for 80,000 cycles, we stand by our work firmly and proudly.


As a large furniture company manufacturing thousands of pieces of furniture each and every year, we know that we have a much bigger responsibility than just supplying discerning families with the perfect furniture. We have a responsibility to future generations to leave them with a beautiful, abundant, and green world. That’s why we are committed to doing our part to take care of the environment.

It starts with sustainable harvesting. We abide by the European Treaty for Forest Re-Harvesting. For every beech tree we cut down, we replace it with five saplings to safeguard our oxygen supply and provide future furniture builders with access to this high-quality material.


We go above and beyond to minimize waste by informing our suppliers of our measurements, allowing them to maximize each piece of wood for our purposes. Any waste that is produced is converted into packaging or used to warm our facilities during the cold Eastern European winters.

Of course, we engage in common practices like paper and cardboard recycling, but we go above and beyond by manufacturing and using our own ethanol. Our sister company generates enough environmentally-friendly ethanol to power 3,000 cars for an entire year!

It’s not just the outdoor environment that we care about—we care about the indoor environment too. That’s why our furniture is never made with phthalates, formaldehyde, lead, and other VOCs. That way, the air you breathe indoors is as healthy and pure as the air you breathe outdoors. This commitment has enabled us to become a GREENGUARD Gold Certified business.


We don't just design and manufacture furniture to appeal to the largest customer base or the latest trends. Designing this kind of furniture may be popular with manufacturers because it enables them to make a quick buck, but ultimately, it contributes to landfill waste. As the furniture becomes worn, outdated, and broken, it is simply dumped and replaced with the next fast-fashion furniture item.


Instead, we rely on time-tested furniture building techniques, the latest technology, and timeless design to ensure your baby furniture gets passed down from generation to generation. Our furniture is finished by hand with water-based stains and formulas that never go out of style, we only use solid wood in construction, and we use German-made hardware that is guaranteed to last over 70 years with average use.

The Romina story is a story that we’re very proud of. That’s pride that translates to every piece of furniture we make, and to the pride you’ll feel showcasing our furniture pieces in your home.


Health is the Greatest Wealth! Sometimes, the things you cannot see, are the most important…

Baby Safe

Safety happens when nothing happens. We think it has paramount importance in the parenting journey.

Eco Friendly

Environmental conservation is not a policy it is a state of mind and a social responsibility.

High Quality

Quality means doing it right when no one is watching.We make no compromise in the pursuit of absolute quality in furniture.


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